Our Story



                     Our ministry specialises in 'Education through Creation' - Connecting Kids with their Creator, God, through the natural world, through music and through creating. 




                    Two o'clock in the morning, while rocking a sick baby to be precise.  And there in the semi-darkness, God planted a mustard seed.  We had no idea of the how, but we were willing to be the who - Ranger Dan and Mrs Tammy were born.







                    Ministry is not a job for us, it is our life. We believe that children are not a distraction from more important work.  They are the most important work! We believe that when you take a child by the hand, you also take a parent by the heart. A person is a person.  No matter how small. And we want to share Jesus with them all!!!




                   For me, song writing is a process, it has no rhyme nor reason, there is no prescription, it doesn’t follow any pattern.  It just comes – sometimes in melody, sometimes in lyrics, but mostly simultaneously.  I get ideas together - research all of the facts about the topic that I want to write about.  Then I pray - the most important element of the entire process – always consult the Creator!!  I ask the God who created everything to lead me to the lessons He wants me to bring to the children listening to our music. Then with these ideas spinning around in my head I wait for inspiration to strike and it strikes when it likes and how it likes and usually in the shower!!        






         In the story of Elisha and the widow with the little bit of oil, the amount of God's provision was limited only by the number of vessels she borrowed from her neighbours - we don't want to limit how much He is able to do through us. We want to do what we believe He has told us to do, and do it with all of our might.