Updated 24 May, 2018


All Creation Connection TV content is free for you to embed our YouTube videos into your website, web app or mobile app for all non-profit purposes.


Applicable Restrictions

If you are charging users access to any embeds you must make it clearly visible to your user that the video was produced by Creation Connection and that all of Creation Connection content is available for free at

You may not upload our content to a new server or streaming service other than the ones we provide.



Download our content for free onto your computer from our website (this is technically making a copy). Put as many copies on as many computers as you want. Burn it to a DVD, upload it to thumb drives, dub it onto VHS, really, use any media you desire.

There are three restrictions:

  • Do not edit the content in any way.
  • Credit Creation Connection and our website
  • Do not commercialise or monetise the media in anyway except to cover hard costs in reproduction and distribution. In other words, do not make a profit.

Playing at events and gatherings

You do not need a license to play any of our content at your event or gathering. You can download the content from our website or stream it from our official channels.

When appropriate, credit Creation Connection TV and our website

Do not charge people to view the content.


Content Distribution?

This content can be freely broadcasted on Public Broadcast channels worldwide.

Please email us at to discuss uploading our videos to your website or mobile app as opposed to using our embeds provided through youtube.


Terms of Use