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We Connect Kids with their Creator!

We connect Kids with their Creator through creation.

The natural world is God's second book.
We use the elements of the natural world to draw object lessons of God's love.
We do this in an adventurous, fun, interesting and musical way.

Ignite your child’s love for Jesus and educate them at the SAME TIME with our Creation Connection Adventure Albums.  Containing - ORIGINAL, SING-ALONG SONGS, THE FRIENDLY CHARACTERS: RANGER DAN AND MRS TAMMY , AMAZING ANIMAL FACTS, OBJECT LESSONS OF GOD'S LOVE and A COMPLETE ADVENTURE TO A SPECIFIC ECOSYSTEM.  Educate your children and place them on the path to developing a strong, enduring and close relationship with Jesus.  Get our Creation Connection Adventure Albums today!

children's ministry programs

Here at Creation Connection we have children's ministry programs specially designed for little kids and ready to use in your church.  Perfect for Sunday schools and Sabbath Schools.  We have a program for all kids under five.  Be sure to check out our Multi-age program - designed for small churches where lots of age groups are combined.  These programs are educational and Connect kids with their Creator.  What's more - they are FREE!!!

creation connection tv

Here at Creation Connection, we have online TV channels specially designed for kids of all ages - TINY TOT TV (ages 0-5), KIDS TV (ages 5-9), TWEEN TV (ages 9-12) and TEEN TV (13+).  Your kids can watch CREATION CONNECTION TV online ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!  Kids these days always have their eyes glued to a device of some sort. We are providing an online Christian channel for them to have access to 24/7.  We are placing the love of God before them on their device.  It's FREE!!!

When we support each other, incredible things happen.  We believe that united prayer will significantly increase God's power to advance His kingdom, so we'd like to build a network of prayer partners - we'd love you to be one.  Ecclesiates 4:12 says, "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."  Join our mailing list so we can stay connected.




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