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Creation Connection is a ministry led by Daniel and Tammy Cinzio, otherwise known as Ranger Dan and Mrs Tammy.  


Both Daniel and Tammy share a love for their Creator God and a passion for children's ministries.


They believe that God has put His stamp of love on every flower, blade of grass and puff of cloud and urges us to go and find Him out in nature.  Young children a drawn to animals and the natural world and are especially interested in amazing facts.  So they connect amazing nature facts with lessons about God's love in an exciting, fun, interesting and musical way.  They connect kids with their Creator.


Together they have been actively involved in children's ministries for many years.

The natural environment is Daniel's second home.  He has loved camping all his life and his favourite past-time is heading off down some bush track in his 4WD.  It's out in nature where Daniel feels closest to his best friend Jesus.

Daniel comes from a musical family and has a wonderful talent for hearing and producing beautiful harmony.

Daniel is trained as a Seventh-day Adventist minister, he's a dad to three children of his own and has a passion for sharing the love of Jesus with every one he meets.

Tammy sings her way through the day - for Tammy a singing heart doeth good like a medicine!  Her musical journey began at age six and has blossomed as she has used her talent for God.

Tammy loves children, she is a mum to three children of her own and also a primary teacher.  Tammy's classroom was a very musical place.  She especially enjoyed introducing her friend Jesus to the children in her class through Christian songs.

Tammy is the nuts and bolts behind Creation Connection - she is songwriter, scriptwriter, graphic artist and musician, and her bubbly personality spills over into each of their songs.

To date they have produced two albums - God's Treasures under the sea and Frozen Chosen.  They are currently working on a third album which has an Australiana theme called - Outback Adventure. 

They have organised and run programs at both SQld and NNSW Seventh-day Adventist Big Camps, with great responses from both children and parents.  Plans are also under way for the development of a DVD series.

It is the prayer of both Daniel and Tammy that each person enjoying their music will not only come to see God's love in the world around them, but ultimately learn that God loves them very much and has a unique, special and exciting plan for their lives.

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