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We Connect Kids with their Creator!

We believe that God has put His stamp of love on every flower, blade of grass and puff of cloud and urges us to go and find Him out in nature.  We look for object lessons of God's love in the natural world around us and make the "Creation Connection".  Our Adventure albums contain original songs with a purpose and what's more, they are educational. 

   Kid's Christian music at its best!

We connect Kids with God through nature.
We make what we call the "Creation Connection" by looking for object lessons of God's love in His creation - the natural world around us.
We do this in an adventurous, fun, interesting and musical way.

Ranger Dan and Mrs Tammy head off on an under the sea adventure, making the Creation Connection from many examples of the love of God drawn from each of the animal treasures they find there.  Featuring 20 original, catchy tunes, designed with kids in mind, this album is perfect for filling those long hours in the car. Kid's Christian music with a purpose! 

Ranger Dan and Mrs Tammy head off on an adventure into the arctic region to meet the Frozen Chosen - the animals on the ice.  They make the Creation Connection through many lessons drawn from God's creatures and ultimately discover that no matter where you go you in this big old world of ours, you are never alone because God is there, 'cause He is everywhere.  Featuring 19 original sing-along-songs, this is Kid's Christian music that Connects kids with their Creator.

God's Treasures Under the Sea

frozen chosen

children's ministry programs

Here at Creation Connection we have children's ministry programs specially designed for little kids and ready to use in your church.  Perfect for Sunday schools and Sabbath Schools.  We have a program for all kids under five.  Be sure to check out our Multi-age program - designed for small churches where lots of age groups are combined.  These programs are educational and Connect kids with their Creator.  What's more - they are FREE!!!

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 God Did Creations

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Here at Creation Connection, we have online TV channels specially designed for kids of all ages - TODDLER TV, KIDS TV and TEEN TV.  Your kids can watch CREATION CONNECTION TV online ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!  Kids these days always have their eyes glued to a device of some sort. We are providing an online Christian channel for them to have access to 24/7.  We are placing the love of God before them on their device.  It's FREE!!!